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Ella 'Bella' Smith Tribute

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Picture 1: Ella in Y6, Christmas 2014.      Picture 2: Ella in Y5 helping children in Science Week.   

Picture 3: Ella in Nursery

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Our Friend Ella

Ella was a loving friend to every body in Kirkby Avenue Primary School. Ella was a well known pupil throughout the whole school.

We all loved her and we will never forget her.  

A tribute to our beautiful Ella!

( alias  'Ella-Bella' to her classmates)

It was a privelege and a joy to have Ella in our school - with her sunny face and wicked sense of humour. she was kind, caring and universally liked by adults and children. She had friends across the whoole school. Ella was an absolutely wonderful Kirkby Avenue Role Model! 

A light has gone out for us but I know wherever her spirit is, she is jiggling about dancing and singing - cheering everyone up - but most of all sharing her priceless smile.

We will miss her so much!

Goodnight, Ella!

Love from Mrs Lockwood and everyone at Kirkby Avenue. Hugs and Kisses. 

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Quotes about our wonderful Ella 'Bella' Smith - children in school

'Ella was a happy, smiley girl. She was always there and always cared about others. You will be sadly missed' SE

'She always wore a smile' LF

'She will always be missed' AS

'Ella was always a friend to all' LT

'She was a great friend to the whole class' SE

'You will be missed by many' MW

'No one will forget you Ella' JH

'I wish you were still here' AK

'Her smile was loved' JH

'No one will forget you Ella' TH

'She had a beautiful sense of humour and a wonderful smile' BW

'You are always in my heart I will never forget you' LP

'You had a great sense of humour' SOA

'You always made me laugh' PJ

'You will never leave my heart, you're my best friend' EP

'You will be never forgotten, you will be always in my heart. Thank you for being a very good friend' KG

'She always had the best giggles and made everyone laugh you will be missed loads Ella' CE